Membership information and sign up

Pundarika UK is introducing a membership scheme for those who would like to join our community. For now, we have introduced a basic membership which is free to join. This will allow you to register for any Pundarika UK retreat or event. For those participating in online retreats, your membership will give you access to the secure event page. This is where you will be able to watch live-streamed teachings and recordings. If you have attended an in-person retreat which was also live-streamed, you will also be able to watch recordings within the timeframe set by Rinpoche.

Later in the year, we will be introducing a tiered a membership scheme will also give access to our audio and video library from past UK retreats. More information will be available at the time.

Membership Type Benefits Cost
Basic Purchase and participate in in-person and online retreats and events Free
Introductory Access to introductory level teachings in our library TBC
Advanced Access to advanced level teachings in our library TBC


How to Join

Currently, only the basic membership is available. This membership is free. Please click here to join.


If you have any questions about our membership scheme, please contact