A Brief Update on the Tsoknyi Gechak School: December 2023

Tsoknyi Gechak School continues to thrive and now has 190 pupils. To accommodate the increasing numbers of young girls, there are plans for a second school at Rinpoche’s monastery. In the school’s endeavour to offer the highest level of support, it is initiating a mental health programme, including peer counselling and professional referrals in collaboration with a Nepali NGO specialising in sand therapy. The physical health of the girls also remains a top priority, and recently the school has introduced giving the girls multivitamins to boost their immune system. Many thanks to our Pundarika UK donors whose contributions helped to fund the multivitamins.

The school is always seeking to increase its collection of books and educational resources. They welcome all book donations, preferably brought by visitors to reduce import duties. They prioritise eco-friendly, educational toys and are preparing for new school infrastructure, needing quality printers and laptops, locally sourced. Anyone who is able to support the school in this way is welcome to get in touch with Rashmi, the school Principal, at rashmi@tsoknyigechakschool.org.

Regrettably, the school faces high staff turnover due to competitive wages from private schools, and while wages have improved, further increases are planned to attract and retain quality teachers. This is a vital part of the school’s planning for the future as we believe that attracting and retaining the best teachers is the surest way to offer the girls the quality education they deserve.

Many thanks to Mark for providing us with this update as well as several lovely photos recently taken at the school.